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And Then Some [entries|friends|calendar]
Julian Sanchez

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Redemption is my middle name [Fri Apr 14th, 2006 11:16am ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My oh My! The Taking Back Sunday concert was definitely a one to remember. It was great. I got to see them with my lovely lovely Lizz, my best friends and fellow chinese food workers, John, Zack, and Lauren(the non chao praya employee). We ate at Hard Rock, and we had a great time there. After we got done eating, Lauren, Lizz, and Cathy(Lauren's mom) went shopping, while the triumverate went to go wait on line. While watching a jazz band play across the street, TBS drummer Mark O'Connell came out and out of excitement I screamed his name, scaring him. John, Zack and I talked with him for a while. He was an awesome and down to earth guy. We talked about New York, Memphis, their new album, their new video, there shows, and them being on TRL. He eventually went back in, and we were all in shock. There were tons of kids crowded around the door, while we just chatted away with the drummer. Eventually, the girls came back and we went inside shortly after that. Mark came up to us and talked for a bit. I asked him if he enjoyed Memphis and he seemed to like it. Leading off the show was a Brooklyn band named Suicide City. Oh my what an opening band. They were pretty raunchy, but man they were good. The lead singer was doing back flips. They also had a fucking great sound, very unique. Great opening band. Tokoyo Rose, what to say, what to say? They were strong, had a good live performance. They didnt really move, but their popolicious beats kept you bobing your head. Fred sang with them for a while, that was fucking kick ass. Now for TBS. Oh man, this was one for the ages. Sooooo many people. They played all our favorite classics and some new songs, and man they know how to interact with their fans. Bassist Matt Rubano had a water bottle in his hands and Lizz asked for it, he smiled and motioned for her to turn around and when she did he tossed it at her and smiled. It was fucking awesome. Eddie Reyes was tantalizing us with his water bottle( it was fucking hot in the New Daisy) He passed the water down to some girl and she sipped it and she passed it to me and I sipped it as well(I am already sick, so what the hell). I eventually passed the bottle down too. They ended the show and Mark threw a drum stick too Lizz. She was so happy, and with that I was too. I couldnt describe how great it made me feel to see her jumping around with a smile on her face holding her well deserved suvioneers. They infamous chant "One More Song" was used. It worked too. They played One Eighty By Summer and another song. It was fucking great. Mark came back with drumsticks and I screamed his name to throw me one, and he actually did. This time it wasnt stolen, but when I caught it, I accidently smashed it on Lauren's head. It is cracked because of that. I felt so bad. She was okay though. With that, we all went back to Laurens and had a great time. It was definitely a great day!

2 armed scissorcut away

[Wed Mar 29th, 2006 9:56pm ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well Well Well. The end is here. Take_it_away0 is being retired after a year. I had very good times and very bad times on this journal. Its kind of sad I still even use lj. Oh well, I still love it. Well as you would guess, my new name has a "0" in it. New_Noise0, there it is, add me if you would like. If not, oh well, can't do much about that.


cut away

[Sat Mar 25th, 2006 2:06pm ]
Our boys in the Number 12 are coming to St.Louis. This time they are with the motherfucking Fall of Troy. Yes Yes, I know, St.Louis is pretty far, but its not out of reach. Let's just keep our heads up, and always remember.............Ponies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[Tue Mar 21st, 2006 10:41pm ]
There are no words to describe how yesterday went. It had have been the most amazing concert I have seen. We.re All Broken were insanly energetic on stage and kept you watching. The Number Twelve Looks Like Your tore it up. They were insane. They were also the coolest guys I have met. They were fucking crazy and funny as hell. Minus the Bear made a live performance sound like a cd. They are extremely talented. Thursday was unbelieveable. I didnt believe I was seeing them. They were truely one of the best live bands I have seen. They had an awesome backdrop too. Geoff and the gang really know how to express themselves. They are as real as can be. They concert is one I will never forget. I got a used pick from Steve of Thursday, a card from the #12 signed, some drumstick was grabbed from my hands, but I didnt care because I got the coolest pick on earth, not too mention I met the guys from Number 12 and actually got to talk to them.

Poniessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(inside joke)

I love you Lizz! Congrats on the job!

3 armed scissorcut away

[Sat Feb 25th, 2006 11:42pm ]
[ mood | indescribable ]

And as Stephen and I walked down the street the Magic Touch screen read Feb. 26. Within a half an hour I had kissed the most amazing girl I have ever met. It was an amazing moment. And as one year passes by, I have experience an amazing thing. We are still strong. We are still in love. We are still together. Nothing can replace the feelings I experience when I am with her. She is my life. I love you, Elizabeth Annette Bearden.

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[Mon Feb 20th, 2006 8:19pm ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well Well Well. It's been quite a while, right? Things seriously have taken big turns since last summer (I am not only saying that because I am listening to "Burn" by the Alkaline Trio). If friendship was a puzzle, all the pieces would be seperated into little groups, and each little group is very distant from the other ones. Now why cant we make a cute little kitty cat sleeping in flowers like last summer? I think its a puzzle-challenged kid named Maturity. Now a kid who thinks this post is funny, his name is Stupidity. Little Stupidity is another puzzle-challenged kid who could be refraining us from making that irresistable cat residing in a basket of flowers. Now little Stupidity's brother is named Stubborness. Stubborness is another kid who can't do puzzles for shit. He usually gives up and concentrates on something else while he is creating the feline in the plants. Now will Stupidity and Stubborness be the reason for the puzzle ending up in a draw? Or is it gool ol' Maturity telling us that the kitty kat in flowers has had its due, and we need to work on a new puzzle, perhaps a kitty kat and..........a DOG?!? Who knows. All I know is if these pieces no longer fit, let's find ones that do.

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